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It's the Simple Pleasures in Life

SINCE 1939


Our Bakery

Our family owned and operated bakery is the pure essence of tradition. Established in 1939 and  run by the original family till today, in the fourth generation the traditional artisan habits continue to be passed along. 

Arline Biemiller the welcoming face of the bakery is still running the business at the beautiful age of 80 taking over the reigns from her parents in 1976. From that day on together with late Gary Biemiller they continued to build the famous South Jersey bakery known throughout the area not only for it cream donuts but the traditional products that we all grew  up loving. ​

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Jump Start Your Day with a Delicious



Our Famous Delight

Throughout the years we have grown to become famous not only in New Jersey but countrywide for our cream donuts. 

The cream donuts continue to be the highlight of each customer, simply a perfect reminder of the nostalgic past. 

Each and every donut is handmade and filled individually. What is the perfect amount of fresh whipped cream you may ask?  Arline Biemiller replies smiling, "As much as it takes"..



Sweet Smell of Success

McMillan's has produced thousands and thousands of the confectionery creations over the decades, not to mention millions of cookies, doughnuts, muffins and pastries.


A Visit to McMillan's


Enjoy the holiday video from 2015 when Jennifer Joyce visits our bakery


Cathedral Kitchen

Volunteer Frank Brennan, 87, brings pastries, joy to Camden.

And for the last 15 years at least, that dessert often has included the 200 to 250 McMillan's doughnuts Brennan delivers. 


Pie Cravings

Do you love pie as much as we do? 

McMillan's was listed as one of the South Jersey bakeries that will satisfy your pie craving


N.J.'s Best Bakery

Almost 400 bakeries were nominated; all were put on the ballot. 


McMillans one of the 50 Semifinalist nominated for the famous Creme Donut.


Best Donuts

Featured in Mike Solmonov and Steven Cook Cookbook 

"Federal Donuts: The (Partially) True Spectacular Story," 

"Donuts That Are Better Than Ours,"

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